Tuesday Movie: Dear Zachary

I was originally going to suggest another movie, but on Friday night, one of my friends suggested that I watch
Dear Zachary, which is a documentary that will blow your mind.  Seriously.  I don't want to give anything away other than that this film is about a man, Andrew Bagby, who was murdered by his ex-girlfriend.  The murderer is pregnant with Andrew's child.  The man's best friend, a documentary filmmaker, decides to make a film about Andrew for the son who will never know his father.

Yes, it's about a murder.  But, more importantly, it's about how we affect the people around us, leaving the viewer with the question--how will I be remembered?  It's like It's a Wonderful Life without the happy ending.

Trust me.  This is a very important film if you are a human and I'm assuming you are:)  DO NOT GOOGLE this movie and read about it before you watch it.  And watch it with someone you love.  And don't forget the Kleenex.
It's available on Netflix.