Birth and Death

Okay, just like my life sometimes, this picture is kind of screwy--both the content and the way I have uploaded it. Since I am technologically challenged, you'll just have to bear with me. Today is my birthday. For most people, this is a happy day. For me, it is usually a day of reflection. I think about what I've done so far--what I haven't done. What I want to do. Life goes by super fast. Blink and you'll miss it. I like to keep my eyes open. Maybe that's why I'm ruminating on the whole death thing. It's going to happen to us all.

My meeting with the medium on Friday was kind of strange. She told me that I died suddenly and tragically in my past two lives, so in this life I made a contract to explore death and not to fear it.

So, how did I spend my day? I went to work. I went to my kids' school orientation. Then I came home. Did a little more work. Dabbled on Face book. Now, I'm here. Posting a silly little thought out loud. I'm grateful I'm here today. Despite the screwiness of things, I'm pretty lucky and I appreciate the fact that I've had this day.