Y is for...


I'll be honest.  I am writing this post sort of late in the day under the influence of a few drinks.  It is Friday, after all!  And it's after five-o'clock, so it's all good.  Y is a challenging one for me.  I was just going to write "You are going to die one day."  And that was going to be the whole post, but I had a feeling that that might be perceived as rather cold and that isn't the impression I want to leave you with when we're almost done with the challenge.

So, then I pulled out my trusty dictionary and started perusing through the words and "yucky" stuck out.  Why?  Well, sometimes death can be yucky, especially for the ones who have to deal with the aftermath.  I followed a crew of firefighters for about three months (only went on three calls because I am the white cloud) and I heard tales of "stinkers," or people who have died and nobody finds them for awhile. I hate to break it to you, but after we die, we smell REALLY BAD after a few days of decomposition. Not even a "stick up" is going to help.

I also interviewed a bio-hazard cleaner.  He showed me the difference between a hand gun and a shotgun and what it did to a room.  He didn't want anyone to end their life, but if they did, he would prefer that they use a handgun.  I saw the difference.  One room maintained an air of tidiness, while the other looked like Jackson Pollock had a can of red paint and went nuts on it.

Okay, enjoy your breakfast or lunch or dinner or whatever.  Take time to smell the roses.  And have a bitchin' summer!
And this is why Pamela shouldn't drink and blog.