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Okay, so we've already established on this blog that every single one of us is going to die.  We've covered burial and cremation and what we want to happen when that someday happens.  But here's the deal, you can have your totally awesome funeral all planned out in your head, or the fact that you want to die in the comfort of your own home there too, but if no one knows about it, how is that going to happen?  This is where trust comes in.  Who do you trust to take care of all the details at the end of your life?  More importantly, does this person know that they have been entrusted with this responsibility?

Never assume that another person knows how you'd like to be cared for at the end of your life. I want you to be brave. It all starts with a conversation.  It could be with your spouse, your partner, your bff, your sister, your brother, your child.  You get the point.  It could go like this...

You:  So, I've been reading this blog called the death writer and she
thinks it's important to think about the end of my life.  And I think she
may be right, even though it's kind of morbid.

Your (_______):  Oh, yeah?

You:  Well, I downloaded a form that is fairly specific about what
I want to happen if I should be incapacitated and unable to make
decisions on my own.  I think you're really cool and smart and I trust
you a lot.  Would you be my agent?

Your (________):  Uh, sure.  Can I see the form?

You:  Sure.  Here it is.  We just have to get it signed by two witnesses.
In case you are unable to do this, I've also picked ________ to 
be an alternate.

Your (__________):  Really?  You picked_________? They have
horrible fashion sense.

You:  I know, but they've got a good heart.  Hey, you wanna go
see a movie?

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!!

So where you can get these forms?
Click on the links, peeps.

Death with Dignity is a great place to start.  They have a lot of research about end of life issues.  And here you can access a free Advance Directive for your state.  For a more specific account of what you want to happen as far as care at the end of your life, check out Five Wishes.  Be aware that this document is not legal in all 50 states, but their website is a great resource to check out.

Another thing to think about is a will.  You know, so you can dole out your vast fortune to all your friends and relatives  or even your dog when you die.  Don't think your kids aren't going to fight over who gets what, even if it's like a 40 year old television set.  And if you've got serious assets, you really need a will.  You can read about Leona Helmsley's unusual will here.

Well, kids, I hope you learned something today.  I also hope you have someone in your life that you can trust.
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