Hello! My name is Pamela Skjolsvik. I see your face already scrunching up in confusion. Let's get this over with before we move forward. My last name is pronounced like Dr. Scholls with a "vik" on the end.

You've probably never heard of me, but that's okay. I've been published in literary journals like Ten Spurs, Creative Nonfiction and Witness. I've won, placed and been honorably mentioned in a few writing contests...Creative Nonfiction, Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference and Writer's Digest. The biggest win, however, was getting to appear on NPR's Think with Krys Boyd. Writer dream come true!

My published work is mostly about prison and death. I can only imagine that you are running and screaming from your computer as I don't sound like a very fun person. Look to the left. That's my author photo. I'm weird, socially anxious and I use humor to make difficult subjects a bit more palatable.

Off the page, I'm a mom, wife, book preservationist (technically I'm on the page with that one), knitter, activist and animal lover.

Below, you can contact me on Facebook, Twitter or add my book, "Death Becomes Us" to your Goodreads bookshelf.  Brownie points for those that leave a review. Thanks for stopping by!