Small? Large? No. A medium.

I met with Annee Jawor today. She is a medium living in Colorado, and due to some sort of cosmic serendipity, I was lead to contacting her for my thesis. Interesting stuff. I'm not going to share what we talked about (You'll just have to wait until this puppy gets published;), but I will say I'm going to get a reading from her. If you are interested in contacting her, go to

After I left her house, I went to Taco Bell and had a terrifically horrible lunch of Nachos Bell Grande. I was starving and I needed to pee before driving the hour back to my house. When I got into my hometown, I decided to drop by the fire station. Turns out I'd missed the day to be running calls. They had quite a day on wednesday. It didn't matter. I interviewed one of the EMT's and had a transformative, therapeutic, scary as hell talk with him. It's really been a wonderful day. Really.