R is for...


Wait a second.  Don't run away.  Stay with me here. 

In my opinion, religion influences our views about death.  Our spiritual preferences influence if we're buried, embalmed or cremated. In hospice, there's always a spiritual component. On a personal level, the two men I knew on death row were sustained by their faith in God as they faced death. Faith feels somewhat foreign to me as I was not raised with religion.  Yes, on occasion my mom and I went to church on Easter or Christmas, but it wasn't something that was explained to me or that I'd studied.

So this got me thinking about the fear of death. Is this fear based around the the question of what happens after we die? (I have my own reasons for fearing death, but I want to hear yours.) Do we go to Heaven?  Or do we go to Wal Mart for all eternity? (Which is my own personal version of Hell.)  Or is it just the end? Lights out.

I have no answers for you about what happens when we die.  I do know one thing.  We typically fear what we don't know.  And since no one wants to cuddle up with the idea of death, we tend to fear it.  We'll think about it later.  Oh, hey look!  American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Mob Wives, Toddlers and Tiara's is on.  Much better.  I'll think about death tomorrow.

I'm done with my death book and now I'm looking towards my next project, which organically came about in my exploration of death.  It's called Finding my Religion, not to be confused with...

As a former bartender, there were two things I never discussed at the bar--politics and religion. I've kept up with this practice throughout my life.  Why?  Well, for one, I don't like confrontations and those two topics tend to bring out, dare I say it, religious fervor in people.  But, I'm going to go forth and explore religion and write about my experience.  Here's the dealio.  I'm going to explore one religion a month.  And I'm not just sticking with Christianity.  I want a global perspective.  This will not be a covert operation, nor will it be a journalistic expose.  I will be upfront and honest with everyone.  I am on a quest to fulfill the one piece of my life that is missing; spirituality. I hope to be pitched, convinced and sold on a "brand."  At the end of the year, like the bachelorette on that show I've never seen, I will choose.  

Yeah, it's kind of Schtick-lit, but I imagine I'm going to learn a lot and maybe make some new friends.  And that's cool.

Thanks for popping in.  Tell me about yourself.  Kinda like this..."Hi! My name is ______ and I'm an Episcopalian from Eureka Springs.  I'd like to be cremated and made into a necklace."  Or whatever.  I don't bite.