The Death of a Pet

My sister-in-law lost her beloved cat of 14 years a couple of days ago. The cat was hit by a car and a neighbor informed her of what happened. She was really sad. With my three cats, I've had to put them all "down." I don't know which is worse--playing God, or having your pet die suddenly and unexpectedly. What do you think?

I did have my three cats cremated. I still have their ashes, and when the last cat passes, I am going to bury them all together. I would have buried them in the back yard, but my dog would have made things extremely disturbing for me. Like a lot of dogs, she likes to bury things and then dig them back up. It's funny, not haha funny, but when my first cat was cremated, the humane society took a really long time to return the ashes. I called to find out what was going on. They said that they were waiting for more animals before they fired it up. In other words, Penny's ashes were intermingled with Spike's and Fluffy's and maybe a hamster or two.

Losing those fur balls has been very difficult. They're like members of the family. I saw this pic of a pet cemetery in San Francisco. Why aren't there more? Stephen King perhaps?