Tuesday Movie: If I Stay

Last night, I wanted nothing more than to sit down in the old LaZ Boy chair and watch a movie. I haven't been able to do that for awhile due to school, work, writing, kids, dog, husband, and other stuff that might bore you to tears. So anyway, as I was perusing the Netflix selections, I remembered a post I saw on Rosemary Clement's Facebook wall about the movie If I Stay. She really enjoyed the story and was brought to tears on several occasions, so I figured I'd check it out. It's about death, after all, so by watching it, I can kill two birds with one stone.

So, long story short, I watched it with my husband. It's hard to talk about this movie without giving away major spoilers, so I will just say that I enjoyed it. As the credits rolled, it made me think of the choice I would make if I were in Mia's shoes. All I will say is that I'd probably go for a non-Hollywood ending, but that's just me and I'm middle-aged. I might have a different answer if I were 18. If you decide to check it out, have a box of Kleenex handy and maybe a nice person to share the popcorn with.

Have you seen it? Which scene was harder for you?  The grandpa or the boyfriend?