U is for...


U could be for a lot of things.  Undertaker, perhaps?  But I've already had Jim Wright, a former embalmer post on P day for preparing a body for burial as well as Q day for Q&A, so it might be overkill if I chose undertaker as my U word.  Plus, what more could I say on the subject?  Uh, they're nice? 

Then I thought about the UK.  Stay with me here.  I'm sort of OCD about checking my blog stats.  They used to be sort of embarrassingly low.  Hi Mom!  But now I've got real traffic and a third of it is from the UK.  I feel like buying a t-shirt that says "I'm Huge in the UK."  But, that would be really weird, so I won't do that.  Although it's very tempting.  Very. (Hi Lori, oh t-shirt maker you!  You can make that one right after you make the "You had me at Bacon" tee.) So, I know of two people from the UK who comment regularly on my blog, so I'm gonna give them some love right here in this post.  Hi Clare and Wes!  Here's a link just for you to UK death statistics.  You know, just for fun.  I appreciate your comments.  Like a lot.

Okay, so UM.  My husband suggested I write about unmarked graves, which sounded wonderful at 11pm last night, but then I spent my day assembling 625 snack bags for kids taking the STAAR test tomorrow in Texas.  No, I didn't do it all myself, but there was that.  Then I got my kids from school, came home and had to wash a sink full of dishes.  Then I baked some M&M cookies for the teachers.  Then I made dinner and now I'm composing this totally random blog about the letter U.  What I really want to do is watch the Ranger game with my husband.  But, I'm dedicated to this blog.  And I'm dedicated to you, dear reader.  The problem is, I don't want to do any research, so the place that came to mind with a whole bunch of unmarked graves (some of them are marked with a number) is Peckerwood Cemetery.  Actually it's called Joe Byrd Cemetery and you can read all about it here.  It's where poor inmates in Texas are buried if their family doesn't claim their body.  If my book ever gets published, I want a picture of that cemetery as the cover image.  Why?  You'll have to read the book:)

Oh, and there's this Biblical quote about unmarked graves.  Luke 11:44  This is from the English Standard Version.  "Woe to you!   For you are like unmarked graves and people walk over them without knowing it."

So, I'm sorry I didn't deliver any earth shattering U topic for your reading pleasure today.  Check back tomorrow when I have a very special guest blogger.

Got any questions for me?  Ask away!