B is for...


In my bacon-y dreams it is, but on the death writer blog,  B is for BURIAL.

After investigating both options, I would have to say I’m not a big fan of burial, even though that bacon coffin is mighty attractive.

For one, burial is the more expensive option.  Why?  You have to buy a casket and a plot.  And although it’s not a requirement to be embalmed (unless of course you are shipping the body to another state) the idea of it is totally creepy.  When I’m dead, I don’t want people needlessly handling my body, unless they’re harvesting my organs.  Hey, guess what?  April is donate life month!  Click here to learn more about organ donation.

Sorry, I digress.  Okay, back to burials. I don’t want to have a stranger who has no idea how crazy and temperamental my hair is styling it.  Why?
  1. they’ll never get it right,
  2. I rarely cheat on my hairdresser, and I want to continue that tradition even in death. The last thing I want my loved ones to gaze upon is me in a casket with flat ironed hair and clown makeup like Mimi. I know, I know that won't happen.  But it could.

What it all boils down to of course is that what we do with our bodies after death is a personal choice, and for many that choice is influenced by religious beliefs.  

If you take anything away from today's blog, let it be this--it’s never too early to figure this stuff out. I hope this blog will be a jumping off point for your exploration.

Thanks for stopping by.  What's your choice?  Have you thought about it?