Death over Dinner BBQ

This past weekend, I invited my "DOD" group over for some hotdogs, brats and the best damn potato salad I think I've ever had.  Thank you, Trayce, for your mad culinary skills! As usual, we ate, we caught up on regular "how's it going" stuff, and then we dove right into the game, "My Gift of Grace." It was our group's maiden voyage with this game and I was a good girl and didn't even peek at the cards beforehand to give me an edge.

Photo by James Felder

Here's the deal with this game.  Yes, there's technically a winner, but really everyone wins.  It's a conversation game.  Some people are exquisite at sharing and some people aren't.  I feel mighty lucky to have a group of friends that are all pretty good at sharing their thoughts and some are pretty freakin' funny as they do so.  I'm talking to you, Tex.

One of the cards talked about organ donation.  This one brought up a great conversation.  One person was pretty darn sure that there was a cut off date for being a donor.  According to the Mayo Clinic, it turns out there is not a definitive age, it's just the condition of your organs.  Another person was on the organ donor fence.  She felt that maybe she wouldn't get the best possible care if a doctor knew she was an organ donor.  That's a valid fear and I'm going to let Snopes answer that.  One person said they could have everything but her skin.  So, in other words, I learned a lot from this conversation.  Not everyone thinks like me and that's cool. If you've followed this blog for awhile, you already know I'm an organ donor.  And you can too by registering here.

In addition to death type questions, there were some really surprising questions that had nothing to do with death, but kind of did.  "If you needed help going to the bathroom today, who is the first person you would ask to help you?  Who would you never be able to ask?"  The answers to this one surprised even me.

We had a good time as usual.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, Death over Dinner groups are the best way to become intimate with a group of people without having to pay a therapist or take your clothes off.

Have you started a group or played this game?  Tell me about it.