Death Becomes Us

Almost everyone with a pulse fears death, but not everyone fears life. With crippling social anxiety, I feared both. But after an accidental call to a funeral home during my mid-life crisis trip to grad school, I reluctantly embarked on a journey to explore professions that dealt with death in order to come to terms with my own mortality. The result of this quirky trip is Death Becomes Us, a humorous memoir about what happens when a middle-aged, anxiety-filled, life-avoider attempts to investigate the last taboo of American culture. And lives to tell the tale. Death Becomes Us is available on Amazon:  Kindle Edition  Paperback  |  Audiobook

"This is death "lite" and it's an enjoyable, fun read, full of hilarious, touching and telling details as well as vividly depicted scenes and characters who literally jump off the page, regardless of their mortal status.”
— Judge, 24th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

"This book will grab you from the first sentence, and hold you to the end, and along the way, Skjolsvik teaches us something on practically every page."
— David R. Dow, Cullen Professor, University of Houston Law Center and author of Things I've Learned from Dying

"An evocative andinsightful exploration of the neglected reality of death in American Society.Gently humorous and heartfelt."
— Sister Helen Prejean, Author of Dead Man Walking

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