Facing Fears

Yesterday, my book came out. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know, Pam. You've inundated Facebook and Twitter with posts and we're kind of over it.  

Well, folks, to be honest with you, so am I. As a self published author, I have to wear many hats, including marketer and publicist. I would really prefer to sit in front of a computer by myself and write, but now I have the responsibility to put myself out there. Putting myself out there involves conversing with people and reading in front of them. At one point in my life, the idea of standing in front of others and moving my lips scared the pants off of me. Not literally, of course, but it certainly felt that way. I felt naked and vulnerable, eyeing the room for the closest exit.

But not anymore!

Last night I spoke at the Pine River Public Library in lovely Bayfeld, Colorado. The event was slated to begin at four and there were about 5 people. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, I thought. But as I began to read, people crept in and the room began to fill. While Bayfield isn't known for its punctuality, it is known for its support. 

Dan Miller.  He's in the book.  

For those who know me, this picture right here is a rarity. I'm giving people hugs. It happened a lot last night. I deem the event "Hugapalooza 2015." It felt so wonderful to be back in my hometown with people I haven't seen in five years.

Here I'm chatting with an old friend and the lady to my right just showed up. I felt like such a celebrity!
Last night I learned that the library is having a local author book sale in December. I am sending them signed copies of my book (Yes, I decided to have it printed.) All proceeds will go to Cate Harding and her family. So, if you're in the area go buy one.