Cyber Monday

If you live in America and have an Internet connection, you probably know that it is Cyber Monday.  It is also December 1, which means that in the next few weeks many Americans are going to be decorating their houses for whatever holiday they celebrate, shopping for the perfect gift and eating more than usual.  But today, it's all about buying stuff online at a discount.  

I am going to propose something a little different. 

The holiday season is also a season of giving.  Some of us may drop some coins into the Salvation Army bucket, or we may buy a toy for a tot or volunteer our time at a soup kitchen.  In all this commercial overabundance, it becomes glaringly apparent that there are those in need.  I happen to know such a family.

My brother-in-law had a heart transplant in August of this year.  Due to complications and setbacks, he was kept in the hospital till October.  As of today, he's back in the hospital.  He is self employed and has been unable to work since July.  At the same time he was in the hospital, his wife was being treated for breast cancer.  This family has been hit hard by medical bills.  Not only are they fearful for his health, they also have the added fear of financial ruin.  So, what I am asking is that when you are online today--and look, here you are--that you consider donating to this family.  You could give $5 and it would still be beneficial.  You can click on this link.

Thank you.