A Party at a Funeral Home

Who would have a party at a funeral home? (Well, it wasn't actually a funeral home in the traditional sense. It was the Neptune Society.) 

And right here next to me is. Amber. She won the coffin that contains the cremated remains of my edited pages.

Check it out.

Is that sweet or what?

Even though I self published, I still wanted to have a party to celebrate the book. Since Barnes & Noble was out of the picture, I chose the Neptune Society to host the party because...a.) the book is about death and b.). I think cremation is the way to go. It was a match made in Marketing 101. 

Anyway, I chose to have the party on November 1, since it is the Day of the Dead and there were three people I wanted to honor--Tommy, Khristian and Lovina. They all died in the month of November, so I thought it was a fitting time to release the book.

The book officially comes out on November 13. I will be having my official "Launch" party in Durango, Colorado at the Pine River Public Library. There will not be blood. There will be cupcakes.

If you haven't already seen it, here's my book trailer. 

Thanks to all the people who showed up at the party. I REALLY appreciate it.