Going to Texas

My thesis is bringing me to Texas to witness the human drama of an execution.  I'm going there with a fair amount of reluctance, but also a genuine curiosity.

Since this thesis is about death and the people who encounter it in their daily professional lives, I am interviewing Mike Graczyk,  an AP writer who has witnessed and written about several (I'm talking hundreds here) executions, a chaplain who spiritually advises inmates and is a source of comfort, Jim Willett, a former warden, and Khristian Oliver , the condemned man.  People who commit suicide and death row inmates are the only people in the world who know the date and approximate time of their deaths.  And no, I am not going to be present for his execution.  He has invited his five people and frankly, I'm not quite sure I should be present.

Obviously, the person missing from this equation is the victim, Joe Collins.  He has nothing to do with my thesis, but in all the stories surrounding Khristian Oliver and his trial, he is missing.  So, I thought I'd mention him in this post.

The above picture of Jesus was painted by Kermit Oliver, Khristian's father who is a renowned artist from Waco.  The face of Jesus is Khristian.

Okay, finally I would like to post something from Story Corps about forgiveness.  If you have not listened to Story Corps, now is the time.  It's fabulous and real.  Get your Kleenex ready.

Thanks for reading.