Heeeeeeere's my brother!

It's not every day that I get to feature a family member on my death blog.  And don't worry, he's not dead.  Yet.  At the moment, he's very much alive and kickin'.  My brother Robby (I refuse to excise the "by" from his name) is a composer out in Burbank, California.  He has been a musician for most of his life playing in bands, but in the past decade, he has had his music featured in movies and commercials.  Here's one right here.

He posted something on Facebook yesterday that caught the death writer's eye.  It's a song about death!  So, here I am promoting my flesh and blood on my bloggity blog.  So, grab a box of Kleenex and listen to his song.  I really like it and I hope you like it too.

A friend told me his 90-something year old father in frail health was looking forward to the afterlife to reunite with his wife...that struck me as such a sweet and poignant concept...so I sat down at the piano and this simple song kinda wrote itself.  Click here.