One Night in Sixes

I met Tex Thompson at the DFW Writers' Workshop a few years back.  In the years I've known her, she has written a blog post for this here blog, she attempted to enlighten my daughter about the awesomeness of math and she is one of the wittiest attendees at my "Death Over Dinner" parties. Not only is she super nice and fun to be around, she is like the smartest person I've ever met. I've heard a lot of critiques during workshop and she is one of the few people who can always find something nice or encouraging to say about someone's writing.  Plus, she can pinpoint what isn't working and deliver it in such a way that you don't feel like your innards are going to spill forth onto the table.

In other words, she's totally kick ass.  And today, her first book has just been released!  It has been such a thrill to witness the whole process for her, from finding an agent to finally landing a book contract. And now her baby is here and look how cool it is!

You can check it out on Amazon, or better yet, go to your favorite brick and mortar bookstore and get it there.  She will be at the Barnes and Noble in lovely Hurst, TX this Saturday at 3pm.  

She is also having a Twitter contest with a $50 gift card as the prize, so hop on over for the details.