A video: "It Could Happen To You"

Today I am posting a video that I saw on a friend's Facebook feed because I think it's important to share this.  Yes, it is about death, but it's also about love and equality and life.  But, I'm going to be honest here.  I was too scared to post this on my Facebook feed.  Why?  Well, I guess I'm a wimp.  And I know that some of my "friends" don't feel the same way about this issue.  According to a poll I saw today, only 50% of American's support gay marriage.  Like Joe Biden, I am for it.  If someone finds another person that they love and want to commit their lives to, who cares if it is a person of the same sex? What's all the fear all about?  That there won't be enough towels or dinnerware at Target for Bridal registries? About 10% of the population is gay.  Seeing the word gay does not make you gay.  Seeing two men hold hands does not make you gay.  Watching this video does not make you gay, but it might make you more enlightened to the human condition.

So, here's the video.  I encourage you to watch it.