I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

It was very nice to take a break from the blog.  While I do miss the interaction from fellow bloggers, I was getting a little burnt out.  Unlike other blogs, I don't really write my own content.  I'm constantly searching for people to interview so I feel like I'm a one woman internet death source and that gets frustrating sometimes.

So what did I do on my break?
Well, I started attending a citizen's police academy in my home town.  Weird, yes.  But, I like to do things that allow me to meet new people and learn about things that I know little about.  Like the police.  I've toured the jail, I've told bad jokes, I've learned about traffic and accidents and I have eaten zero donuts.  So, there. I have a lot of respect for these men and women, even those who have given me traffic tickets.  They're just doing their job.

I also took a little trip to California to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday. We ate a lot, drank a lot and it actually felt like a real vacation.  I don't get many of those, so it was all good. Here was the bad part.  I flew Southwest airlines and my plane stopped three times on the way to California.  The first time I boarded, I was stuck in a middle seat, but when those folks deplaned, I grabbed a bulkhead seat.  I thought I was all cool until the next group of people boarded.  The first lady on the plane was elderly and she took the aisle seat on my row.  Then a larger woman sat down in the middle seat.  She kept playing with her i Pad and elbowing me in the ribs before take off.  Not once did she apologize.  When we were finally in the air, the lady on the end turns to her and says, "So, where ya from?" in a loud, shrill voice. Their conversation would last three minutes and it would repeat, verbatim every ten minutes.  It was like the movie Groundhog's Day but worse.  On the bright side, I got to use the Kindle I won at the library and was able to escape into a good book, "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn.  I very much enjoyed it.  "So, where ya from?"

I did a little writing (including some fiction!!!) and a few people have my manuscript.  The ending is still not there, but I've received some encouraging feedback.  Now, I have to figure out if I keep querying agents or just publish this puppy myself.  It's a tough decision.

I have also been debating going back to school to become a teacher.  I need a job.  I've applied to several places and I don't know if it's because the economy stinks or because I'm overqualified or because the simple Google of my name has 10 pages of death associated with it--I don't know.  But, till I land that job,
you'll see that I've added a "Donate" button to my blog.  My dad doesn't think an occupation is real unless you make money from it.  So, if you feel so inclined to prove my dad wrong or maybe you just enjoy my content and want to buy me a cup of coffee (pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks) I'd appreciate it.  I feel like a total panhandler for doing it, but we all have to pay the bills somehow.  Maybe one of my lurkers is Bill Gates or something.  If so, hi Bill!

Okay, I do have an interview coming up on Thursday and it's gonna be good.  In the meantime, here's a movie recommendation.  It's called "Sunshine Cleaning" and it's a very entertaining flick.  I interviewed a biohazard cleaner for my book.  Tough, stinky job.  Enjoy and happy Monday!