And now for something completely different -- Life!

Yes, it has been awhile since I've posted a word on this here blog.  It has been a tough month.  I've been writing a lot trying to make sense of the things I've experienced in the last year, and especially the last month.  I just finished an essay for Creative Nonfiction's latest call for submissions.  It had to be on the subject of death and dying.  Well, gee, how could I not send something in?  It's called "Surrender" and it is about my experience in Texas.  I'll just say it was mighty difficult to condense that story into 5,000 words.  But, I did it.  Now I can move on.

It is the holidays, in case you hadn't noticed.  In regards to my thesis, I am now done with the death part.  I have interviewed and hung out with some amazing people--people with tough jobs.  I feel honored to have spent time with them.   There are truly angels walking among us.

Now, I await the birth of another little angel.  She is due in the first week of February.  Her parents are amazing and she is a very lucky girl to enter into their family.  They have agreed to allow me to be present at her birth.  I feel so excited and honored to be given that opportunity.

Thanks for reading.