Write Club

If you regularly check out this blog, you may have noticed the little bar of soap in the upper left hand corner.  You may have asked yourself, what is that?  Is it some kind of write to the death competition?  I mean, this is the deathwriter blog, right?  Well, let me tell you.  Write Club, unlike Fight Club, is a battle of words that begins next month.  Don't worry.  Nobody dies.  Just their words if they're voted out.   Click on that link to check out the rules and throw your hat in the ring.  Only three more days to do so!

I participated last year and it was fun to read the critiques of my writing.  It's all anonymous, so when someone gave me a compliment, it felt genuine. Last year I submitted a true story, but this year I've ventured into fiction.  We'll see if I can land a punch with a made up story.

Speaking of punches, I've been taking a cardio kick boxing class at the gym and I'm totally loving it.  In class, we don't hit each other or even a punching bag.  We just stare at ourselves in the mirror and try to jab our nose, hook our cheek or uppercut our jaw as loud music plays and the instructor yells commands.

I hope you're having a happy Thursday! To get you in the fighting spirit for Write Club, I'm going to leave you with a song by Pat Benatar.